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Refugee Care Initiative

The Refugee Care Initiative Services provides 3 main services: food, clothing, health. The Food service provides portable nutrition for refugees that fit into their cultural needs. Refugees are required to fill out a form emphasizing food allergies and cultural culinary taboos that they must follow. The second service, clothing, is a basic charitable drive that can be fundraised anywhere. Volunteers are encouraged to start up a fundraiser in their area where adults and children donate clothing. The third service is the creation of a blood bank. The plan is to partner with blood banks that come in trailers. Volunteers will donate blood to the trailers and the blood will be transported to refugee agencies. The purpose of the blood bank is for individuals seeking medical attention (blood thinning, anemia, etc.) are accessible to blood that may be needed to complete a medical procedure.


Jobscopia is an online platform that allows students to explore and learn about careers that interest them through connecting with real-life professionals that provide personal insights about their careers. Jobscopia would have professionals and students create profiles as a simpler "LinkedIn" about careers for students and professionals. This way, professionals could upload what they do in their daily routine in their career, as well as fun quirks about the job and why they have a passion for it. This way many students could be exposed to a bigger pool of careers and better determine which career is right for them, as there would be insights about the right personality type to go into career fields and the passion that goes into it. In addition, Jobscopia will facilitate further communication between these professionals and students that could lead to interactive job shadowing or learning more about the career as a part of a higher premium plan.

Nahmjai: Community Service Made Fun

Nahmjai is here to revolutionise the world of community service. Translated in Thai, Nahmjai means “water of the heart” or one’s kindness and willingness to help others. The concept of “Nahmjai” among students have been lost and diluted over the years. Many students nowadays are too focused on their academics, athletics, and personal life and have very little time to help others and improve their communities. Things do not have to be this way. Nahmjai is a platform motivates its users to create communities that are socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible.

GoGo Riders: You Choose Your Fares

. Gogo is a ride-sharing service that allows customers to negotiate prices for a ride with nearby drivers.We give customers and drivers the upper hand and flexibility. Your request for a ride is sent to all nearby drivers in a 5 mile or 10 mile radius, and it is up to nearby drivers to either, accept, decline or negotiate the offer. All nearby, active drivers would receive the request, and the first driver to accept the price gets the customer. The rider has the option to compare offers and distances among GoGo drivers. We create a new, innovative approach that ensures that drivers don't have to wait in line, as with Uber. GoGo does not set any fares, giving the customers and drivers the opportunity to achieve the best deals at any time of day.

Making life filled with positive energy.

So as we all know that in today's world eveyone is busy with his/her work. Because of pressure in everyone's life,there is more negative energy around us.So to increase positivity in everyones life (to some extent). We will make shirts and t.shirts with positive quotes written on them .Printing of shirts and t.shirts will be done by unemplyed people and also 10% of profits will be denoted to charities. This project will increase employment,positivity and will led to good economy.Also it will help me to make my family proud.hope you help me with funds.

3D printed connectors for cardboard for endless creation

My younger brother and I designed a set of 6 unique 3D printed connectors engineered to fit most single ply (amazon) cardboard. the architectural modeling sets are used to integrate geometry and engineering education with imaginative play wile at the same time, promoting sustainability and creative repurposing We launched our company, 3Dux/design in september and plan to promote our products to schools, maker sales and directly to the community