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Smart Contract Applications in Diverse Industries

From insurance sales to international remittances, legacy businesses often suffer from high- cost transactions, whether due to middlemen or archaic practices. However, there is a technology that can potentially remove intermediaries, improve customer experience, and reduce complexity. That solution is the use of smart contracts based on blockchain technology. Read on to know-how: Visit:

cryptocurrency development company | Oodles blockchain

Oodles is a cryptocurrency development company having experience in different domains of cryptocurrency creation. We provide end-to-end scalable cryptocurrency solutions with fast transactions to clients globally. Our services enable the development of blockchain-based decentralized cryptocurrency solutions for a range of businesses. Visit: Email us at:


takk cloud funds the future. takk is a modern software solution that helps member-based organizations, such as schools, sports teams, clubs, non-profits, and other member-based organizations oreganize donor records, automatically calls prospects, and processes gifts directly on the platform. Beyond the software, takk's committed customer success team is available to consult clients on fundraising strategies and improvement methods. We use the collective data from our clients to inform and improve philanthropy efforts worldwide.