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List and rent photographic & AV kit in your city.

KitMapper is the first UK Peer-to-Peer rental website dedicated to the creative community which allows creatives to hire photographic, audio-visual and studio equipment. Renting kit from professional rental houses has been an integral resource for many creatives looking to borrow expensive or niche equipment for a shoot. Loaning to a stranger can be daunting which is why KitMapper provides a fully verified and safe platform, wherein both the Lister and the Renter are covered by the KitMapper Gaurantee should kit be subject to an incident. The company was founded in November 2015 by artist and curator David Charlesworth. The KitMapper founder struggled to find a strong network within the creative community to rent from and share kit with. Professional photography, AV and studio equipment is very expensive. Buying kit doesn’t work out cost effective if it is required for a short time or for a one-off project; KitMapper a kit sharing community became the perfect solution.

Elix Incubator

Elix is the world's first social impact incubator for teen entrepreneurs. At Elix, we help fund, launch and consult social enterprises founded by teens in underserved communities both in the US and abroad. Our portfolio currently includes over fifteen companies hailing from Costa Rica to Thailand. By investing in social enterprises, we allow social good and sustainability to compliment each other-- building a better future for our world. Thus far, we've been supported by the 1517 Fund (a Peter Thiel-backed fund), Morrison and Forrester, and even Microsoft. Elix is also the 2017 Diamond Challenge Champion for the Social Venture track. After competing with over 700 teams from around the globe, we were unanimously declared the 1st place venture this past April. Above all, Elix hopes to create bold and lasting change through social enterprise.


The United States ranks 30th in the world in Math and 34th in Science despite $8 billion in educational spending on textbooks alone. Obviously, spending enormous sums of money on textbooks has not produced the desired gains in STEM education. With that in mind, many schools cannot afford proper STEM materials and specialized STEM teachers. Learning Spark is dedicated to maximizing academic performance in underprivileged Colorado schools by providing school districts with materials to improve STEM (science, technology, mathematics, engineering) education. Learning Spark provides a toolbox to enhance student hands-on learning in order to maximize STEM proficiency, standardized test scores, financial aid, and college acceptance in underachieving schools across the state. LearningSpark presented their business at the 2017 Launch Clubs Demo Day at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


NewsBar is a social media app that allows users to share news articles while sharing their views on topics important to them. NewsBar creates a custom newsfeed for each user based on what they have shown interest in, as well as a social feed, displaying the posts of users, companies, issues and writers they follow. NewsBar provides users with the opportunity to comment, save, favorite and republish articles they feel are important, in addition to allowing them to create their own. NewsBar remains committed to ethical news by displaying which users are "experts" in their fields, thus providing users with reliable, legitimate information and perspectives. Join the NewsBar team to get in on the ground floor of the face of modern news.

PromElle - #1 destination for teen girls to lend and rent dresses

PromElle is the first peer-to-peer rental marketplace for teenage girls to rent and lend party wear among each other. Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area by two 10th graders, Nishka Ayyar and Riya Gupta, PromElle aims to democratize the world of teen fashion. Using the PromElle mobile app, girls who own barely used dresses can lend them out to others and make money. PromElle encourages dress owners (lenders) to list their dresses for about 15%-30% of the retail price. Girls who are shopping for a quality dress can browse the listings on PromElle and rent a dress for a fraction of its retail cost, and save money. At the end of the rental period, they simply pack the dress and return it back to the lender. PromElle facilitates and manages all aspects of the transaction, including payment and delivery. The PromElle mobile app is available on the iOS platform and can be downloaded for free from the App store.