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Making life filled with positive energy.

So as we all know that in today's world eveyone is busy with his/her work. Because of pressure in everyone's life,there is more negative energy around us.So to increase positivity in everyones life (to some extent). We will make shirts and t.shirts with positive quotes written on them .Printing of shirts and t.shirts will be done by unemplyed people and also 10% of profits will be denoted to charities. This project will increase employment,positivity and will led to good economy.Also it will help me to make my family proud.hope you help me with funds.

3D printed connectors for cardboard for endless creation

My younger brother and I designed a set of 6 unique 3D printed connectors engineered to fit most single ply (amazon) cardboard. the architectural modeling sets are used to integrate geometry and engineering education with imaginative play wile at the same time, promoting sustainability and creative repurposing We launched our company, 3Dux/design in september and plan to promote our products to schools, maker sales and directly to the community


Myogi is a global app designed to connect yoga seekers with tutors in their locality based on their preferences. Why do we need it? With the demand for Yoga increasing everywhere, we need this app to connect the right tutors to their seekers. Who is it for? It is for everyone who aspires to stay fit and healthy and wants to learn Yoga/Meditation but has no resources to find the right tutor or client. What makes it stand out from the crowd? There is no Yoga app available worldwide that helps connect Yoga seekers and tutors. Moreover, it helps you customise your preferences ranging from budget to place of learning, time availability, choosing what to learn, etc. What's next? The app has a home page that will display latest Yoga news as well as give an insight to the history of Yoga from the land of Yoga - India.

PrepUP: The New SAT and ACT Prep App

PrepUP gives students the passion to study for the SAT and ACT for free. Two years ago, Akhilesh Khakhar suffered from a severe concussion. He went to a couple months of physical therapy and had to change how he learned because his brain did not work the same way. Khakhar studied how to study and found that genuine interest and competition are very important in learning. As a 16 year old, Akhilesh Khakhar took this information and created PrepUP. It is the only SAT and ACT prep app created by a 99 percentile scorer that has students connect with their Facebook friends and anyone else on the app and compete in a live, head-to-head match in a series of multiple choice questions. In addition, students can take customizable practice tests, the question of the day, and view the in-depth answer explanations to the thousands of questions. As a 16 year-old, Khakhar is revolutionizing the world of test prep by bringing people together to study.