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WeLocal - Experience the best authentic food wherever you travel!

We are creating a platform that brings tourists who are looking for food around Cambodia to experience the real Cambodian food that is freshly cooked. It’s an opportunity for Cambodians to earn extra income during their free time or for those who wants to find money but couldn’t leave their homes because they need to take care of family members or other reasons. The cooks, most likely to be Cambodians, gets to experience being around new people, learn about them, practice their culinary skills but also make money. For the customers, most likely to be a foreigner, will get to understand more about Khmer cultures, eat Khmer authentic meals and have a great time. Of course restaurants would be our competitors but we believe that our application will provide a lifetime experience to both the local cooks and customers. Within the platform that we are creating, the local people will submit meals (and ingredients) that they are willing to cook. WeLocal, Travel Global and Eat Local.


Research studies serve to validate strategies, treatments and devices to prove they are beneficial to humans. They open the pathway for innovation and an understanding of certain diseases or methods. Yet, even with their continued importance, less than 10% of them end up being published, even after extensive development. Unfortunately, innovation in the methods used to run these studies are obsolete and end up costing trials $600,000–$8 million per day to manage data. Systems often censor data or put it behind a paywall, which stifles innovation, and are fairly expensive to manage, providing no net benefit to all. Scintillating's flagship product, reBlock, aims to solve the considerable issues in studies today, by using the blockchain to greatly reduce costs and increase transparency between researchers and participants. Using this technology, data collection, maintainability and overall participation in studies can be improved, and thus opens that pathway for research availability.


CampusSelect is a web platform that connects high school students in the college process with current, like-minded undergraduates at their desired school through video chat. For an affordable price, prospective students will receive personalized, relevant and authentic answers to all of their questions from a current student, which they cannot get on a traditional visit. Through CampusSelect, students can learn both the positive and negative aspects of a school as they can ask about campus culture, nightlife, the application process, specific majors/programs and much more. Our CampusSelect mentors provide real stories and share their own experiences so prospective students can hear from an insiders perspective. CampusSelect is helping students learn about their desired schools in an affordable, genuine and personalized way. The college process is a difficult time, but CampusSelect is helping more students find their best-fit school so they can make the right college decision.

Empower to Innovate

Ever since the 3rd grade, I had a sort of entrepreneurial drive which I believe most young kids have. Despite the strong interest that myself and many others hold in business-related topics, school systems across the U.S. and the world lack strong financial literacy and business education programs. This is a pervasive issue which affects lack of entrepreneurship worldwide as well as the way citizens manage their finances. My goal is to address this problem by starting a nonprofit called Empower to Innovate because I have confidence that business education teaches the skills necessary for students to think critically and be more innovative. The nonprofit will provide scholarships and microgrants to schools that need them, meet with legislators to advocate for the importance of business education, host competitions for middle schools, and essentially use every possible effective avenue to advocate for business education!


We at GetPolitical are committed to ensuring that teenagers and young adults receive the adequate information they deserve as it relates to politics whileas encouraging those who are apathetic about politics to go out and go vote. This is done by employing the three Es- Education, Engagement, and Excitement. We educate students about the world around them by utilizing bipartisan information to help assist in their learning about the political climate, we try to get participants excited about the world around them by teaching them more about issues they truly are passionate about and participants are typically engaged with the program because the methods we employ to teach them are interactive and this allowes them to have a very hands on approach to learning. We are based in New York City.