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Women Of The World

Through a global annual essay contest this initiative attempts to illustrate the female experience of oppression which transcends cultural paradigms. Women Of The World will be asking female high school students two questions: To what extent has being female effected your human experience? how would you most effectively and creatively utilize 1000$ to change the world? Women Of The World will empower females to share their raw narratives despite a culture of stigma, taboo, and shame that perpetuates silence of the unjust oppression of women. The top submission of each country will be posted on our website. Apart of Women Of The World’s mission is to empower female youth entrepreneurship. Through a partnership with the Pangea Network, we will be offering the number one winner of this contest a mentorship to start their own non-profit . The number one winner of the essay contest will be rewarded with 1000$ Of micro financing to fund their own initiative.

The Vector Gear

The Vector Gear (Lightly based off SAO) is an AR-like system capable of integrating the virtual world onto the point that a hyperreality-like experience is created. This is possible by 3 main components: The Nvidia Jetson TX2, retinal projection and most importantly the Horizon. The Nvidia Jetson TX2 is a small supercomputer that is capable of packing quite a punch for its size. With 8 GB of Memory, 59.7GB/s of memory bandwidth and the 256-core NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU, the NVIDIA Jetson easily beats most electronics, including the one you are likely reading this on. Retinal Projection happens when instead of the eye viewing an image, an image is projected onto the human retina. By outputting at the micro-watt level, the eyes are not damaged and high definition images can be produced. The Horizon is a project that has the goal to create a Virtual Version of this world. By connecting all Vector Gear users and their sensory input, a Virtual location can be created as if it were a puzzle.

Bedtime with Books - Books and Projects in a Box

Bedtime with Books - Books and Projects in a Box (BwB) creates and donates magical theme-based boxes containing three picture books and an art project for 24 students enabling schools, churches, temples, and youth groups to host a story time event for their community. I founded Bedtime with Books - Books and Projects in a Box to help bring the joy of reading to children and foster the importance of literacy across the globe. Not every child enjoys reading. But as reading is such an important aspect of early development, creating a means to transform a child’s attitude towards reading is crucial. During Bedtime with Books events, children enjoy stories in the company of their friends/class- mates, and the readers make the stories an interactive experience. Bedtime with Books aims to develop: Literacy, Reading Aloud, Community Spirit, and Creativity