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Homieschooler the first app for homeschooling High School students

HomieSchooler is a mobile app that we designed to help homeschooled High School students keep track of class time, grade and GPA in all 4 High School years. It also provides a transcript in PDF that can be submitted for College Admissions. The app features a drag and drop time tracker, an adjustable grade lever for each class, and a comprehensive class selection component. It also provides a history bay to keep track of each of the four high school years and additionally the app is equipped with a repository element to keep track of awards and certificates. Overall the app saves homeschooling families a lot of time, keeps them well organized for all 4 High School years, and makes it easy to send Colleges a transcript directly from the app at any time.

Qardian Labs

Qardian Labs develops innovative artificial intelligence-based software solutions for evaluating heart disease risk. Our technology, called HEARO -- Heart Evaluation for Algorithmic Risk-reduction and Optimization -- uses a data analysis method known as deep learning to find relationships between medical metrics and output the probability that a given patient has heart disease. Qardian is dedicated to providing doctors with the tools they need to make a more informed diagnosis and improve patient care.

RealQuik - Real Estate Paperwork Automation

RealQuik is the first company to automate the real estate paperwork process for real estate agents. Our patentable system pulls information from MLS sites and profiles, analyzes the data, and auto-completes real estate paperwork (saving agents up to 6.5 hours). In addition, we can extract data from paperwork and turn it into useful agent performance metrics/analytics. We are the only real estate software company to provide paperwork management, CRM tools, and brokerage analytics on one seamless interface. RealQuik streamlines redundant workflows for real estate agents, letting them get back to generating leads and engaging clients.

WeLocal - Experience the best authentic food wherever you travel!

We are creating a platform that brings tourists who are looking for food around Cambodia to experience the real Cambodian food that is freshly cooked. It’s an opportunity for Cambodians to earn extra income during their free time or for those who wants to find money but couldn’t leave their homes because they need to take care of family members or other reasons. The cooks, most likely to be Cambodians, gets to experience being around new people, learn about them, practice their culinary skills but also make money. For the customers, most likely to be a foreigner, will get to understand more about Khmer cultures, eat Khmer authentic meals and have a great time. Of course restaurants would be our competitors but we believe that our application will provide a lifetime experience to both the local cooks and customers. Within the platform that we are creating, the local people will submit meals (and ingredients) that they are willing to cook. WeLocal, Travel Global and Eat Local.