HatchPad, a KidBacker Enterprises solution, is a professional network and collaboration platform for students ages 13 to 23 who are involved in entrepreneurship, creative, and social impact projects. Using HatchPad, members can create business pages, organize and project manage teams, collaborate, and crowdsource feedback, partners, and mentors.

HatchPad’s portfolio includes:

  • HatchPad Live!: The first of our global event series, HatchPad Live! takes place April 28-30, 2017 at Draper University in the heart of Silicon Valley. Keynotes, Panels, Fast Pitch, Peer Advisory Board Meetings, Startup Circle, Round Robin Practice Pitch Sessions offer a jam packed 2 and a half day experience that will deliver practical business skills development, funding opportunities, and inspiration from young entrepreneurs from whom participants can learn.

  • HatchPad: Collaborative ideation platform where student teams around the world can create business vision boards, collaborate and discuss strategies, connect to form collaborative teams, and find and connect with mentors and elearning content.

  • KidBacker Foundation for Entrepreneurship: Our sister 501c3 offers business seed grants and academic scholarships to proven student entrepreneurs.

HatchPad is located in Sarasota, FL and Kansas City, MO.