How Bella Weems Grew Origami Owl to $250,000,000 in Revenue

Bella Weems is 19-years old and the founder of Origami Owl, a leading direct selling jewelry company known for telling stories through their signature Living Lockets®, personalized charms, and other products. Bella founded the company at the age of 14 when her parents gave her an early heads up that if she wanted a car, she would have to earn the money to pay for it. Over the last 6 years, Origami Owl’s rocket ship growth includes:

  • a social selling model that includes 55,000 “designers” who resell Origami Owl products
  • the acquisition of Willa, a New York-based beauty company offering trusted, healthy skincare and cosmetics formulated for the unique needs of young women also co-founded by a teen
  • a global licensing agreement with leading family entertainment company, Dream Works Animation
  • $250,000,000+ in annual revenues

During this episode, we chat with Bella about what inspired her to start the business, how the company grew over the last 6 years and how she manages her life as a young adult/business owner.


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About the Author: Jordan Agolli

Jordan is the founder of Force Media, a media production company. Jordan co-founded his first business, JD Pressure Washing, at 14 years old. By age 17, he and his partner would transition into landscaping, building a remarkably successful operation of 120 weekly clients and 20 employees. In August of 2013, he sold his quarter of the company in order to pursue new ventures. In February of 2014, Jordan founded Teenage Entrepreneur, a podcast and community focused on educating and inspiring teens to pursue entrepreneurship. His motivation sparked from the struggles he faced starting out in business. The Teenage Entrepreneur podcast features successful entrepreneurs from all over the world to share their stories, struggles and pass on the advice they wish had been given to them. The show has listeners in 70 countries, nearly 2,800 followers on Facebook.

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