How Jeet Banerjee Became A Serial Entrepreneur As A Teen

Jeet Banerjee is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, and TEDx speaker. Jeet is currently the co-founder of Visionary Media Group, an in-house publishing company and investment firm and Zenergy, a nutritional supplement company. Jeet’s previous company, Statfuse, a web platform to help parents and students conquer the complexity of college admissions, was acquired in November of 2016.

During this episode we discuss:

  • How Jeet chooses the companies he invests in
  • How Jeet built a business at 17-years old and manages 16 employees
  • How the team grew and monetized Statfuse which had over 250,000 users at the time of acquisition
  • The types of apps he and the team at Visionary Media Group creates
  • How Jeet manages his time between running both companies
  • Why Jeet chose to leave college and why he doesn’t plan to go back



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About the Author: Jordan Agolli

Jordan is the founder of Force Media, a media production company. Jordan co-founded his first business, JD Pressure Washing, at 14 years old. By age 17, he and his partner would transition into landscaping, building a remarkably successful operation of 120 weekly clients and 20 employees. In August of 2013, he sold his quarter of the company in order to pursue new ventures. In February of 2014, Jordan founded Teenage Entrepreneur, a podcast and community focused on educating and inspiring teens to pursue entrepreneurship. His motivation sparked from the struggles he faced starting out in business. The Teenage Entrepreneur podcast features successful entrepreneurs from all over the world to share their stories, struggles and pass on the advice they wish had been given to them. The show has listeners in 70 countries, nearly 2,800 followers on Facebook.

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