Are you a leading organization interested in engaging with young entrepreneurs between the ages of 13 to 23? Are you interested in finding the best talent for your internship programs and entry-level positions? Do you have great content and programs that will be of interest to them?

Our marketing and sponsorship programs include the following:

  • Content Marketing: Sponsor a Knowledge Center focused on a core topic critical to successful entrepreneurship. Sponsorship elements include branding, content marketing (blog, vlog, podcasts and downloads), and Ask the Expert Forums.
  • Competitions: Sponsor a business plan competition and reach thousands of young people who aim to change the world. Our business competitions award both ideas and seed stage businesses and focus on critical areas of the new economy including Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Robotics, eHealth and Wellness, Sustainability and Social Impact. Sponsorships include branding, category exclusivity, content marketing, and award presentation.
  • Custom Research and Content Programs: HatchPad can help you craft a custom research and/or content program to gather insight from our targeted audience of 13 to 23-year-olds. Find out what types of startups our members are working on, what technologies they are using, and markets they are seeking to penetrate. Research gathered can used to create relevant content marketing and engagement programs including blogs, videos, and educational materials.
  • Internships: Are you seeking qualified and motivated high school and/or college entrepreneurs to participate in a high-level internship program? Using a competition model, HatchPad can help you source interested and qualified interns based on skills, interests, rating level and credentials and have them compete for the opportunity.

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