What is HatchPad

What is HatchPad?

HatchPad is an online collaboration and networking platform for student entrepreneurs in secondary school and college. Anyone 13 and older can use HatchPad. Members can use HatchPad to grow an existing business, validate a business idea, or to support a school project. HatchPad allows you to create an idea page, form a team, collaborate and find new resources and tools.

Creating Ideas

Private Versus Public

When building your idea page, your idea is private until you publish it. Once you publish it, you can always unpublish it if you so choose. Your team comments will also be visible only to team members. However, comments made by other people will be public when your idea is public.


Collaboration 101

You can collaborate on HatchPad in three ways: forming your team, crowdsourcing for new collaborators via our PitchIn widget, and asking for feedback, follows, likes and shares.

Building Your Team

If you are working with co-founders, teammates, advisors and/or mentors, add them to your team. Your team can comment privately on your idea under TEAM COMMENTS.

PitchIn Requests

PitchIn requests allow you to tell the community what types of collaborators, partners, mentors and services you need to help grow your business. For example, if you need a logo developed, you can market that opportunity and interested parties will respond if they are interested. You then negotiate to decide how your relationship will work (eg: work for hire, barter, equity).

Shares and Likes

Show the world how cool your business idea is and gain shares and likes. Follow up with those people and add them to your professional database.

Funding Your Business

Funding Your Business

There are various ways HatchPad can help you fund your business. We offer crowdfunding and business funding competitions. You can link your crowdfunding campaign from your business idea page so that interested funders can immediately find where they can donate. We also offer free crowdfunding coaching and support and tons of blogs that can help you along the way.



HatchPad is free for all members! If you chose to use our crowdfunding site, we charge a 5% platform fee.