Player's Guides for Public Golf Courses

Wrong club again? Know your distances? This junior golfer has set out to create high-quality Yardage Books for public golfers that is very similar to what the pro's get to use every week, for just a few bucks. The Player's Guides will include yardages to all key locations on each hole as well as slopes of the putting greens. As a bonus, there will be a short, illustrated rules guide in the back of each book for a quick reminder of the most frequently encountered (but poorly understood) rules. Did you know there are up to 6 or 7 options when you hit a ball into the water? This project involves the design, sales, and manufacturing of books. This year's goal is up to 15 courses before winter is upon us. Next year, the goal is to do 20 more. Support is needed for advancing our business through better drawing software, laser/GPS measuring devices, and slope measuring devices in order to create the highest quality product possible.

Greetale - Sending Love Has Never Been This Easy

Greetale is the greeting card company of the future. It’s the 2016 way of sending greeting cards. We make it easier, cheaper, and faster to send greeting cards with your own handwriting inside them right from your phone. Write what you want on a piece of paper, take a picture of it in the app, and the app will place your handwriting in the card and send your card physically for only 3 bucks!


At NovelTie we create fun, unique, and novel ties for teenagers! We noticed that there were few tie companies that made ties specifically for teenagers and even fewer companies that focused on creating ties that expressed the creativity and the individuality of the wearers. Our products are available in two retail stores and we will be featured in Sam's Club's Roadshow Program in their Philadelphia store at the end of the summer. NovelTie was actually invited to the headquarters of Walmart and Sam's Club to meet with the CEOs and high executives of both companies. Another unique twist to our business model is that we have tie sales associates. There are very few tie companies that still have sales associates, but we have actual high school students just like the CEO (in fact all members of the NovelTie team are under 17). T