Cantuga - Discover Jobs, Products, Houses, & More

Cantuga is a classified advertisement platform that makes finding anything, ranging from open apartment space to kayaking tours, simple and hassle-free. All that's necessary is a quick post and one can instantly gain supporters, shares, and responses. If the experience was great, customers can leave positive reviews which will help attract more supporters. Users can also follow and create collections, categories of listings such as books, jewelry, or antiques, that are specifically tailored to different types of people. Furthermore, there is a news feed that alerts users when new listings are posted in the collections they follow. If you're interested, check it out at

Learn to SpeakOut

I am currently working on a venture called Learn to SpeakOut. Learn to SpeakOut is a program oriented towards educating students and young adults about public speaking. We work to enhance public speaking skills, practice tips and tricks, and give constructive feedback to potential customers. Learn to SpeakOut will use a variety of one-on-one interaction and web-based resources to instruct customers all about public speaking. Individuals pay for a one-on-one session with our trained professionals. You may give a speech for a project and get advice, or have a professional run you through our unique exercises to help improve speaking. The website (still under development) will also have a lot of free content and exercises to help every user. Our motto is "Improving Confidence Through Public Speaking." Everyone has an inner voice, and they find it when they Learn to SpeakOut

Troolu: A nonprofit that captures the positivity in this world

Troolu is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to bring positivity to the world through our videos. We bring together amazing nonprofit organizations and donors, helping them both. Troolu helps nonprofits by creating videos that share their stories and this provides them with powerful content that will build them exposure. We help our sponsors and donors by helping them achieve their philanthropic goals, and providing them with a timeless and powerful PR & marketing tool that shows how their generosity makes a difference in this world. Join our cause and help us continue to capture the positivity in this world!