little g ice cream co

little g ice cream co is a gourmet ice cream company based out of Dorchester, MA. Everything is made from scratch, by hand, with the best quality ingredients. We make premium, decadent ice cream in fun flavors like fudge brownie, pumpkin cheesecake, and s'mores. The ice cream is ultra creamy and smooth- even though it contains no stabilizers. little g ice cream co is based out of CommonWealth Kitchen, a culinary incubator in Dorchester, MA. The ice cream is sold in clear, stylish pints at local specialty stores. Many exciting changes are coming for little g! We are about to launch a brand new website with nation wide shipping, are going to sell on AmazonFresh and in local Whole Foods soon, we are planning a test with Target, and are getting a delivery van. The business is entirely funded by founder and owner, Grace, who is 17 years old. She saved money from a home baking business to start the company. She began selling in January of 2016 and has been growing the company ever since.

Wonderchef Tadka Pan

Why is Indian food so tadka-licious? #Tadka brings out that unique flavor of core ingredients in an Indian dish, and it also has health benefits. #Wonderchef Tadka Pan combines design and function to create this kitchen essential. Experience even and faster cooking in this perfectly shaped pan, made of hard-anodized aluminum. The #pan is non-toxic and ideal for tempering daily dishes such as dal, dhoklas, rice, and kadhi. The ergonomic design and curved handles ensure your pan rests on the burner easily while heating.

Chef Adam's Gourmet Rubs

My business revolves around me, a chef with 25 years of experience being a working chef. Finally found his dream, “all he wants to do is make the work taste a little better”. He not only the Founder but the chemist behind his gourmet seasonings. He goes to the lab and weighs each ingredient out. Every Since Chef Adam was a small boy he wondered what the best seasoing were that went which each food. He has made it his lifes goal to please happen through flavors and transport them back in time with every bite.