Ralos Cases

Ralos is a startup committed to showing people the impact renewable energies such as a solar energy can have in their own lives. We started Ralos because when we asked people what they thought of when they think of solar energy, most people simply thought of the panels on the roofs of homes. We wanted to flip upside down that notion and show people that solar energy can power the device closest to their lives, their cellphone. That's why you'll notice that our name Ralos is actually the word Solar backwards. At Ralos we sell solar charging iPhone cases and have recently launched our first one, accordingly named, The Ralos Pioneer. We've been working hard and are hoping to launch a completely new and original redesign of our case called The Ralos Frontier by Summer of 2017. Our cases have rechargeable battery packs as well rivaling the likes of Mophie, with 2500 maH of juice. Check us out at raloscase.com and be on the lookout for our KickStarter campaign in Summer of 2017.


Everwaters is a startup company that combines the power of nature and modern technology to offer simple, exceptional water filters. We are built on our drive to make an impact, not just in the quality of water you drink but also the quality of water everyone drinks. Our team innovates continually so that people can have better water in their home, wherever home is. Everwaters product now available on Kickstarter filters out 15X more contaminants than your typical water filter, and it does so using only natural materials! Everwaters has "the potential to scale internationally" according to Forbes and has been called the "movement to drink better water" by the Huffington Post. After all, if you try to eat better, why not drink better, too?