Seconds are the difference between life and death when someone is involved in an active shooter scenario. Momentum Mechanics developed TRACER to save these precious seconds. When a weapon is drawn, adrenaline begins to pump, hearts begin to pound, and there's no time to completely analyze a scenario. Procedures are forgotten. Facts are not recorded, and if someone is struck, immediate response is impossible. With TRACER, all of this is accounted for. TRACER technology automates life saving response procedure with reputation preserving legal reinforcement, utilizing real-time data analysis in a high quality communications and information system. How It Works: WHEN FIREARM IS UN-HOLSTERED: Recording: High resolution audio recording and recognition of gunfire Geographic Location: Real time location of TRACER devices Automated Response: Scenario data, Location, and Officer identifiers sent to dispatch and EMS when shots are fired

UC Riverside: Formula Society of Automotive Engineers

Formula SAE (FSAE) is an international competition for students groups who design, manufacture, and race a formula-style car. The entrants navigate through various events: explaining and defending their design decisions and manufacturing processes, and testing their drivers’ abilities. UC Riverside’s Formula SAE Team is one of FSAE’s up and coming contenders. As just a first year team in June 2015, we were able to not only build a working vehicle, but pass full technical inspection and compete with top caliper universities at the Lincoln, NE competition. We are planning to compete again in June 2017 where we will be racing 2 new cars, one in the internal combustion category as well as an all electric vehicle. Our electric vehicle will be unique in its class with its 4 custom electric motors it will tear up the track. The cost of building one car is over $30k and we are looking for donations or sponsorships to fund our project. UCR FSAE is a 501c(3) so all donations are tax deductible.

Kinet-X Stem Education

Kinet-X is an intensive 12-session program for middle/high schoolers that gets you building and inventing. Our program is focused on both engineering and programming, giving teens a comprehensive introduction into STEM that is missing in today's education landscape(including other programs). By the end of our program, students will have defined, designed, and built their own practical invention, setting themselves up for a successful future in tech.