VentureStorm is an online platform that connects entrepreneurs and early stage startups to local software developers. Using freelancers or a developer agency as an early stage company can kill your dreams. It will cause issues when scaling and iterating any sort of technical product. VentureStorm alleviates these problems by connecting entrepreneurs with developer who are buying into the idea, not the paycheck. Off the platform VentureStorm, for high paying clients, provides a project management service that combines the guarantee of a developer agency but the recruitment services of a staffing agency.


A digitized and reinvented old Africans savings and borrowing community finance tool. A practice of low income people to save or have a short-term loan. A concept practiced in Nigeria and West Africa called Adashe, Ajo, Otataje and esusu etc. A traditional rotating savings and credit association that has flourished in Nigeria and Africa for generations and is still widely practiced today. The incentive of participating in “Adashe, Ajo, Otataje and esusu” is the forced savings that it encourages; putting aside money today to benefit from a lump sum payment in the future. Subscribing members contribute a fixed amount periodically. The accumulated funds are usually then assigned to each member of the group in rotation, until all have benefited from the Peer group of funds. As a result, each member is able to access a larger sum of money during the life of the association, and use it for whatever purpose she or he wishes.