Every startup starts with an idea. InnoVC is a marketplace that globalizes the investment process in ideas. We provide a platform where entrepreneurs can upload their ideas, backed with intellectual property security. Corporate investors, who pass our security checks, can view those ideas and choose who they want to invest in. InnoVC not only connects entrepreneurs and investors, but facilitates any transactions between them, simplifying the process for all parties involved. This opens up a world of possibilities for innovators who don’t necessarily live in a huge city like Tokyo or Silicon Valley. Ideally, someone from Africa can receive an investment from the States or Europe. We have a vision for a world where ideas are valued for what they are worth—not based on socioeconomic status or where someone lives. At InnoVC, we believe in the power of ideas. We hope to be the reason that some of those ideas are catapulted onto the world stage.


VentureStorm is an online platform that connects entrepreneurs and early stage startups to local software developers. Using freelancers or a developer agency as an early stage company can kill your dreams. It will cause issues when scaling and iterating any sort of technical product. VentureStorm alleviates these problems by connecting entrepreneurs with developer who are buying into the idea, not the paycheck. Off the platform VentureStorm, for high paying clients, provides a project management service that combines the guarantee of a developer agency but the recruitment services of a staffing agency.

Qardian Labs

Qardian Labs develops innovative artificial intelligence-based software solutions for evaluating heart disease risk. Our technology, called HEARO -- Heart Evaluation for Algorithmic Risk-reduction and Optimization -- uses a data analysis method known as deep learning to find relationships between medical metrics and output the probability that a given patient has heart disease. Qardian is dedicated to providing doctors with the tools they need to make a more informed diagnosis and improve patient care.