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Cantuga is a classified advertisement platform that makes finding anything, ranging from open apartment space to kayaking tours, simple and hassle-free. All that's necessary is a quick post and one can instantly gain supporters, shares, and responses. If the experience was great, customers can leave positive reviews which will help attract more supporters. Users can also follow and create collections, categories of listings such as books, jewelry, or antiques, that are specifically tailored to different types of people. Furthermore, there is a news feed that alerts users when new listings are posted in the collections they follow. If you're interested, check it out at


We at GetPolitical are committed to ensuring that teenagers and young adults receive the adequate information they deserve as it relates to politics whileas encouraging those who are apathetic about politics to go out and go vote. This is done by employing the three Es- Education, Engagement, and Excitement. We educate students about the world around them by utilizing bipartisan information to help assist in their learning about the political climate, we try to get participants excited about the world around them by teaching them more about issues they truly are passionate about and participants are typically engaged with the program because the methods we employ to teach them are interactive and this allowes them to have a very hands on approach to learning. We are based in New York City.