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Cantuga is a classified advertisement platform that makes finding anything, ranging from open apartment space to kayaking tours, simple and hassle-free. All that's necessary is a quick post and one can instantly gain supporters, shares, and responses. If the experience was great, customers can leave positive reviews which will help attract more supporters. Users can also follow and create collections, categories of listings such as books, jewelry, or antiques, that are specifically tailored to different types of people. Furthermore, there is a news feed that alerts users when new listings are posted in the collections they follow. If you're interested, check it out at

4 Good Apps - Solving social challenges & raising money organizations

4 Girls Tech & Media has two components: 1) Apps for Social Good and 2) Free Social Smarts Tech & Media conferences for public school tweens - teens. App 1: Audiots 4 Good are emoji's with sound including pre recorded positive messages from Not for Profit organizations- 100% of proceeds from in app purchases are donated to that NFP. App 2: Friend its allows Gen Z to open up their closets to a private network of friends for lending, borrowing and donating. This helps bridge the socio economic gap that can be difficult for kids. Having nothing to wear is hard! In addition you can share "your looks" for friends to provide positive feedback. Free Tween & Teen Social Tech Conference for public school kids 8-16. Launching in San Francisco April 29. The goal is to expand to LA and New York. Donations and sponsorships will fund NFP Initiatives in SF.