Disrupt Cards: The Funniest Card Game to hit the Tech Community

Disrupt Cards is a laugh out loud, multiplayer card game that makes fun of all good (and bad) things about the tech, entrepreneurial, and business community. Made by a couple of teens, the game is creative and guaranteed to make you laugh. + it comes with 600 cards! We've received a ton of support from engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, VCs, coworking spaces, small and big teams, and more! Don't worry, you can expense the purchase ;) PS - Disrupt Cards is the perfect gift for the holidays :)

Quantum Mark 1

Quantum is a technology startup aimed at changing the world through the creation of profound technologies. For now we are developing a gaming console called Quantum Mark 1, which is envisioned to be a highly innovative gaming console that serves as a happy medium between a console and PC. Our goal is to improve the gaming experience by enabling users to have freedom over the customization of our console, have a higher graphical output, highly customizable operating system and user interface, and have a significant presence in reference to peripherals. We have manged in receiving our provisional patent, our logo, a 3D printed miniature prototype and market research concerning our Total Addressable Market. Keep in mind that our console is not aimed alone at gamers, but ordinary users as well our console is envisioned to have applications present in smart phones and laptops. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to purchase the parts needed to build our computers to develop our console. Thank you.