The Boss Mixer

The Boss Mixer is a self mixing multipurpose supplement delivery system. Our product allows the user to store two different powdered supplements in the lid. The first compartment is the smaller of the two which can hold up to 18 grams of powder. The second is a much larger compartment typically used for protein powder which can hold up to 62 grams of powder which is your typical two serving protein scoop. Our proprietary technology allows you to selectively dispense the contents of those compartments into the canister without taking off the lid. After you have selectively dispensed your supplements we have an 1,100 RPM motor attached to a DNA double helix mixing piece which blends your supplements into one homogenous drink. Beneath the motor is a dry storage compartment where you can store multivitamins, headphones, keys, or anything needed. The Boss Mixer is a revolutionary self mixing device that makes nutrition a convenience for any type of person.

Open Health Project

An open source software tool to help at-risk patients (homeless, uninsured, impoverished) keep track of their medical paperwork and find the help they need. On the clinical side, doctors and other health professionals can refer patients to community health organizations. For example, a patient with diabetes can be referred to a healthy eating and lifestyle community organization.


Given that consumers are not logical people, it is difficult to persuade them to stop drinking sodas. Therefore, I sought out to create the first healthy sodas sweetened only with natural ingredients from fruit. This means that I have reinvented sodas with organic ingredients and traditional Costa Rican flavors, and maintained the tingling sensation that people seek in Fresquiticos.