Hedera Hashgraph Development Company

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The Vector Gear

The Vector Gear (Lightly based off SAO) is an AR-like system capable of integrating the virtual world onto the point that a hyperreality-like experience is created. This is possible by 3 main components: The Nvidia Jetson TX2, retinal projection and most importantly the Horizon. The Nvidia Jetson TX2 is a small supercomputer that is capable of packing quite a punch for its size. With 8 GB of Memory, 59.7GB/s of memory bandwidth and the 256-core NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU, the NVIDIA Jetson easily beats most electronics, including the one you are likely reading this on. Retinal Projection happens when instead of the eye viewing an image, an image is projected onto the human retina. By outputting at the micro-watt level, the eyes are not damaged and high definition images can be produced. The Horizon is a project that has the goal to create a Virtual Version of this world. By connecting all Vector Gear users and their sensory input, a Virtual location can be created as if it were a puzzle.

Centree: Smart Cities and Emergency Detection

Centree focuses on Smart Cities, IoT (Internet of Things) and reporting emergencies. Our goal is to help cities and IoT companies understand their auditory data, and enable them to automatically detect and respond to emergencies, such as car crashes, break-ins and burglaries. Our current focus is on car crashes. Our product SmartBloc is an automated system that alerts emergency medical services (EMS) the moment a car crash has occurred. Using auditory sensors and machine learning we have created boxes that are placed on streets and intersections that listen for car crashes, detect them and report them to the authorities. Reporting the car crashes seconds after they happen reduces the time of response by up to 10 mins depending on the location. Even 1 min can save a life according to EMS and each minute of car-crash caused traffic costs the local economy around $1million. SmartBloc saves lives, time and money and is an essential part of smart cities.