Gauge Insights - Mobile Research, Made Interesting!

Gauge Insights is a SaaS research platform which gives all companies, regardless of size, access to turn-key research solutions. Our platform allows companies to quickly and easily create campaigns to test their designs, ideas, and go-to-market strategies, all while gaining insight as to their target market. With a pricing model which is based off of a small platform fee a month plus per response charges as used, it's now easy and affordable to research your branding and product strategies before launching, taking the guesswork out of it all! Our mobile app (iPhone only for now) makes research interesting. By testing ideas in the form of pictures and by allowing users to give their feedback as easy as swiping left or right, we make it fun and rewarding for giving your input on company ideas. With over 20 gift card providers that your points can be redeemed for, we make research interesting!

Greetale - Sending Love Has Never Been This Easy

Greetale is the greeting card company of the future. It’s the 2016 way of sending greeting cards. We make it easier, cheaper, and faster to send greeting cards with your own handwriting inside them right from your phone. Write what you want on a piece of paper, take a picture of it in the app, and the app will place your handwriting in the card and send your card physically for only 3 bucks!


Collarator is the first and only company to provide total peace of mind for pet owners by combining pet loss prevention with tracking and health/fitness monitoring. The CollaRadar, our flagship device, allows users to not only track their pets, but also stop them from running away. Our ecosystem allows for IoT connectivity, enabling users to connect the CollaRadar to devices like automatic doggy doors, pet food dispensers and home cameras. Instead of burying wires for electric fences, our technology allows users to create GeoFences with GPS to monitor/stop their pets from running away, leveraging flexible deterrents like high frequency speakers and vibration warnings. With built in Bluetooth Low Energy, users can communicate with the device on their pet's collar to train their pets, send commands to the device, or log activity data. Using the on-board motion sensors, health and fitness data is mined in our flexible web based application and turned into health and fitness information.