Gauge Insights - Mobile Research, Made Interesting!

Gauge Insights is a SaaS research platform which gives all companies, regardless of size, access to turn-key research solutions. Our platform allows companies to quickly and easily create campaigns to test their designs, ideas, and go-to-market strategies, all while gaining insight as to their target market. With a pricing model which is based off of a small platform fee a month plus per response charges as used, it's now easy and affordable to research your branding and product strategies before launching, taking the guesswork out of it all! Our mobile app (iPhone only for now) makes research interesting. By testing ideas in the form of pictures and by allowing users to give their feedback as easy as swiping left or right, we make it fun and rewarding for giving your input on company ideas. With over 20 gift card providers that your points can be redeemed for, we make research interesting!

Startup Reactor

Startup Reactor offers a revolutionary extracurricular system for students who are currently in high school. Through webinars and speaker series, the high school community will get an early taste of what being an entrepreneur and having your own startup feels like. Although a lot of high schools are teaching about music, art, dance, theater and many more, they have yet to discover entrepreneurship. Are you ready to embark on a new adventure?

Active Employ

It doesn't make sense for job searching or hiring to be a full-time job. Applying to jobs and reviewing candidates can and should be an easier process than it currently is. WHAT IS ACTIVE EMPLOY? With Active Employ, my mission is to re-invent the job search by providing better jobs and hires, faster. As applying to jobs online becomes more (arguably) unfair and impersonal, I aim to shift the focus back to who you are as a person as opposed to which words are and aren’t included on your resume or your answers to misleading and manipulative “personality” questions. On Active Employ you will find only real jobs listed, and you’ll only be asked the basic questions that should matter most. Hiring managers will have it easier, too, with no more wasted time sifting through hundreds of mis-matched applications.