List and rent photographic & AV kit in your city.

KitMapper is the first UK Peer-to-Peer rental website dedicated to the creative community which allows creatives to hire photographic, audio-visual and studio equipment. Renting kit from professional rental houses has been an integral resource for many creatives looking to borrow expensive or niche equipment for a shoot. Loaning to a stranger can be daunting which is why KitMapper provides a fully verified and safe platform, wherein both the Lister and the Renter are covered by the KitMapper Gaurantee should kit be subject to an incident. The company was founded in November 2015 by artist and curator David Charlesworth. The KitMapper founder struggled to find a strong network within the creative community to rent from and share kit with. Professional photography, AV and studio equipment is very expensive. Buying kit doesn’t work out cost effective if it is required for a short time or for a one-off project; KitMapper a kit sharing community became the perfect solution.

Handcrafted Wooden Bow Ties

I first started developing my wooden bow ties many months ago after being turned off by the available options on the marketplace. Almost every design felt physically flat, with no contour. I was intent on developing a design that was comfortable to wear, stylish, and most of all, emulated the three dimensional qualities of classic, fabric bow ties. This is where I developed the Crooked Branch Bow Tie. I went through countless prototypes, fabrics, and woods until I was satisfied with this design. The tie is smooth to the touch, rich in color, and adjustable to make comfort standard on every piece. It originally came in three woods but is now available in over 12, with various matching fabrics. Crooked Branch Bow ties have become incredibly popular and have sold in 7 retail stores, 41 states, and 14 countries.

The is a camera accessory that stretches over the plastic zooming and focusing collars of your lens barrel to protect your investment and improve your stills. Praised by professional publications, such as the Huffington post, DigitalTrends, and PetaPixel, is customized to each lens so every professional photographer can experience a better feel while using their valuable lenses.