Select My Tutor

Select My Tutor allows students to search tutors for different subjects as they like to learn using this platform where students and tutors are connected to each other. We provide the facility by which students can search tutor location wise, subject wise and interest wise. Students can search online tutors as well as private tutors for learning their various subjects. Students can choose tutors according to experience, background, cost and qualification etc. We have numbers of tutor profiles from all over the world for all subjects; academic and non-academic, who teach as online tutors and personal tutors. Parents almost prefer private tutors for their kids because tutor will provide one-to-one attention on their kids and focus on their kid's studies for improving the academic grades. We provide a platform where parents, students and tutors are connected to each other using single platform for discussing about subjects before finalizing tutoring process.

UC Riverside: Formula Society of Automotive Engineers

Formula SAE (FSAE) is an international competition for students groups who design, manufacture, and race a formula-style car. The entrants navigate through various events: explaining and defending their design decisions and manufacturing processes, and testing their drivers’ abilities. UC Riverside’s Formula SAE Team is one of FSAE’s up and coming contenders. As just a first year team in June 2015, we were able to not only build a working vehicle, but pass full technical inspection and compete with top caliper universities at the Lincoln, NE competition. We are planning to compete again in June 2017 where we will be racing 2 new cars, one in the internal combustion category as well as an all electric vehicle. Our electric vehicle will be unique in its class with its 4 custom electric motors it will tear up the track. The cost of building one car is over $30k and we are looking for donations or sponsorships to fund our project. UCR FSAE is a 501c(3) so all donations are tax deductible.

DetraPel is a superhydrophobic liquid repellent.

DetraPel solves the problem of getting your belongings dirty or stained. We do this by selling a hydrophobic spray that repels any liquid from porous and nonporous objects. We have been in business for three years, at first going into the B2C and B2B market. When officially launched, DetraPel was in 13 store chains throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida mostly in the fashion industry. We also sold directly online and to our primary B2B channels.