Open Health Project

An open source software tool to help at-risk patients (homeless, uninsured, impoverished) keep track of their medical paperwork and find the help they need. On the clinical side, doctors and other health professionals can refer patients to community health organizations. For example, a patient with diabetes can be referred to a healthy eating and lifestyle community organization.


Given that consumers are not logical people, it is difficult to persuade them to stop drinking sodas. Therefore, I sought out to create the first healthy sodas sweetened only with natural ingredients from fruit. This means that I have reinvented sodas with organic ingredients and traditional Costa Rican flavors, and maintained the tingling sensation that people seek in Fresquiticos.

Inxchan - New Beginning of Life.

Inxchan means New Beginning of Life, a social good project of Innovative Social Centre which aims to provide a complete humanitarian, spiritual and adventurous journey to participant which will positively impact education of needy children and support community welfare program. With our Inxchan program we are currently supporting children's homes and sponsoring 10 children of rural areas for education and aiming to sponsor 100 children by 2018 and possibly 1000 by 2020.