Seconds are the difference between life and death when someone is involved in an active shooter scenario. Momentum Mechanics developed TRACER to save these precious seconds. When a weapon is drawn, adrenaline begins to pump, hearts begin to pound, and there's no time to completely analyze a scenario. Procedures are forgotten. Facts are not recorded, and if someone is struck, immediate response is impossible. With TRACER, all of this is accounted for. TRACER technology automates life saving response procedure with reputation preserving legal reinforcement, utilizing real-time data analysis in a high quality communications and information system. How It Works: WHEN FIREARM IS UN-HOLSTERED: Recording: High resolution audio recording and recognition of gunfire Geographic Location: Real time location of TRACER devices Automated Response: Scenario data, Location, and Officer identifiers sent to dispatch and EMS when shots are fired


Collarator is the first and only company to provide total peace of mind for pet owners by combining pet loss prevention with tracking and health/fitness monitoring. The CollaRadar, our flagship device, allows users to not only track their pets, but also stop them from running away. Our ecosystem allows for IoT connectivity, enabling users to connect the CollaRadar to devices like automatic doggy doors, pet food dispensers and home cameras. Instead of burying wires for electric fences, our technology allows users to create GeoFences with GPS to monitor/stop their pets from running away, leveraging flexible deterrents like high frequency speakers and vibration warnings. With built in Bluetooth Low Energy, users can communicate with the device on their pet's collar to train their pets, send commands to the device, or log activity data. Using the on-board motion sensors, health and fitness data is mined in our flexible web based application and turned into health and fitness information.

Supervize. Keep your group together.

Max is racing ahead to the ride when he turns and realizes his parents aren’t beside him. At the same time Jim, Max’s dad, looks and realizes Max is not walking alongside him. They frantically glance around and breathe a sigh of relief when they realize they were only a few meters apart. Places like museums, zoos, and amusement parks are fun, but also risky and unpredictable environments. Supervize reduces stress by increasing awareness and stopping group separation before it happens. The supervisor sets a boundary on her phone. The wearable bands on everyone's wrists provides feedback if anyone begins to separate; a proactive solution that prevents group separation and helps children self-correct and be more self-responsible. Supervize lowers the risks associated with group separation. Flow data can be collected by the venue to improve infrastructure and visitor experience. The same boundary system technology would be valuable in travel, healthcare, and large events.