About Adam

Hi! My name is Adam Abbas, I'm 16 and a junior at Stuyvesant High School. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and live with my parents and brothers. I've always been attracted to the maker culture, being fascinated with anything that moved. I was introduced to programming in 7th grade, and haven't stopped learning since. I'm fluent in Propeller-C, Python, HTML and CSS; with a basic understanding of Javascript, Java and Ruby. In 9th grade I joined my school's robotics teams, and found out how great the world of mechanical engineering was. Since then I've built countless circuits, tons of robots and experimented with electronics at home. When I'm free, and not at some STEM event, I enjoy reading fantasy books, going to the gym, and baking! My biggest goal in life is to make a difference, to change the lives of more than just those around me, which I hope I'm well on my way to doing.


  • Business Development
  • Website Backend Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • 3D / Robotics
  • Leadership
  • Marketing & PR
  • Website Front End Development


  • Education
  • Wearable Devices
  • Engineering
  • 3D Printing
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Social Good / Non-Profits
  • Robotics