About Winter

Winter Green, Founder of GetPolitical Often times, seventeen-year-old Winter Green, is the only person in the room that can name the Senators, the Governor, and sometimes even the Mayor. To say she is a political junkie would be a gross understatement being that she is subscribed to CSPAN on YouTube and follows the likes of Paul Ryan and Bernie Sanders on Twitter. In her Sophomore year of high school, Green was attracted to the world of politics and religiously watched debates, speeches, and engaged in a bit of political discourse herself on social media sites. When trying to have person to person conversations Green noticed that the conversations went nowhere. There was blanant inability to understand the opposing side and there were obscene amounts of misinformation presented in her conversation which help contributed to the divisiveness in her community. In October of 2017, Green founded GetPolitical a program that hopes to not only end the divisiveness in the political climate but, one also that hopes to end the apathetic nature of young people as it relates to voting and providing the youth with the adequate information they need to be more informed voters. She has been featured in a spotlight on NGSummit, attended the South Florida Watson Institute Basecamp in March, and the 12th of April she will be hosting an event at Baruch College on Political Philosophy. Green is due to graduate from Queens Collegiate in June she is student body president as well as member of her school’s track team. She will go on to college to major in Political Science and International Business as a first generation college student.


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