About Femi

I'm a chill guy who loves traveling and building companies that not only make a lot of money but also impacts people's live for the better. Currently working with a lot of great organizations, ranging from African startups to EdTech. My main two right now are Testify (testifyschool.com) an EdTech company devoted to personalized learning and Ralos Cases (raloscase.com) a company producing solar charging iPhone cases. I really love cars and my favorite are BMWs. Just got my first BMW by myself recently and its a '14 328i xDrive with the M-Sport.


  • Marketing & PR
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  • Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Capital
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  • Business


  • Education
  • Virtual Reality
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  • Energy / Sustainability
  • Mobile Apps
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Femi's Ideas

Ralos Cases

Ralos is a startup committed to showing people the impact renewable energies such as a solar energy can have in their own lives. We started Ralos because when we asked people what they thought of when they think of solar energy, most people simply thought of the panels on the roofs of homes. We wanted to flip upside down that notion and show people that solar energy can power the device closest to their lives, their cellphone. That's why you'll notice that our name Ralos is actually the word Solar backwards. At Ralos we sell solar charging iPhone cases and have recently launched our first one, accordingly named, The Ralos Pioneer. We've been working hard and are hoping to launch a completely new and original redesign of our case called The Ralos Frontier by Summer of 2017. Our cases have rechargeable battery packs as well rivaling the likes of Mophie, with 2500 maH of juice. Check us out at raloscase.com and be on the lookout for our KickStarter campaign in Summer of 2017.

Testify Software Solutions

Testify is an edtech company committed to making the classroom learning experience more personalized for all students. We do this by helping teachers make better students connections from the second students step into class on their first day. It takes teachers 3-4 months to really understand a student but through our MindMap Game we're able to shorten that time period from 3-4 months all the way down to 3-4 days. MindMap is a 15 minute gamified personality assessment that allows us to gather key insights such as personality traits, career interests as well as unique learning styles in a very short amount of time. With MindMap produced by the team at Testify we make learning more personal with ease for students, teachers, and school systems alike.