About Kayla

Hi my name is Kayla Hurd I’m a 7th Grader who attends Taylor Road Middle School and I am a kidpreneur. My journey started in 2014 when my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. In the end of 2015 when my mom was all done with her treatment I wanted to help other families who went through the same journey that my family had to go through. When I went to the doctors office to get my flu shot, I asked my mom if she ever went to go get a breast cancer screening. She replied no, then she went into the office and made an appointment shortly after. A week later she got the call saying she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Fast Forward to 2015 when my mom was done with her treatment and was Cancer free I decided to try sewing. My mom and I found these cool bags that we should try to make and after awhile they got better and better. In January of 2016 I started to sell the bags that I made. In the beginning I sold about 10 bags from facebook. The next week I made a website. The next week I decided to give some of my profits to a charity dealing with families dealing with breast cancer . That day I contacted The Karen Wellington Foundation which helps Women Living with Breast Cancer. 10% of my proceeds go to the Karen Wellington Foundation. Moving forward I’m looking for another charity to give some of my profits too. I really want to teach kids to learn that giving back is a great thing to do and that giving back can change the world. Together we can change the world at one step at a time


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