About Maya

We are Maya and Nina, 16 and 13, and we have always been homeschooled. We have won coding camp, music, environmental, and audio recording scholarships, as well as scholastic awards for art and writing. We also have earned gold presidential volunteer awards. When we were manually keeping track of the hours we spent in each subject we knew there had to be a better tool to help homeschooled kids like us. We could not find one, so we decided to create it ourselves. Our application is saving us and our parents a lot of time and we hope it can do the same for all homeschooling families.


  • Leadership
  • Audio & Music
  • Web
  • Art & Design
  • Video
  • Business Development
  • Photography
  • Project Management


  • Art & Design
  • Science
  • Mobile Apps
  • Photography
  • Culinary Arts
  • Music
  • Website Design
  • Literature / Writing