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Wonderchef creates and supplies cookware and kitchen appliances. It was founded in the year 2009 and is presently having over 5,000 outlets across India The products are available in over 3,000 towns and cities and are developed in Italy, Korea, UK, Germany, China, Canada, and USA.


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Wonder's Ideas

Wonderchef Mason Jar Set

Nothing beats the sweltering October heat than a cool refreshing treat! Replenish with an iced-fruit blend, served in a #Wonderchef Mason Jar to family or friends. This stylish, colorful glass jar set makes a great addition to your party glassware collection. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, mason jars are ideal for serving lemonade, #smoothie, milkshake, iced coffee, #komboucha or your favorite #cocktail. Each jar includes a straw, a lid to protect your beverage from spilling and a convenient handle for a firm grip. Ditch the plastic; let your beverage sparkle in a glass!

Wonderchef Caesar Folding Grill Pan

Truly the king of Cookware Wonderchef Caesar Individual Pans: series of world-class die-cast pans sets the gold standard in quality. Classic German finish and award-winning design. Classy, elegant and regal pans with German beechwood handles. Finest quality die-cast pans in 5mm thickness. Hengestone, C3+, 3 layer non-stick PFOA free German coating: the best in the world, ensuring good health. Made from 99.9% pure grade aluminum. Reliable Wonderchef warranty.

Wonderchef Tadka Pan

Why is Indian food so tadka-licious? #Tadka brings out that unique flavor of core ingredients in an Indian dish, and it also has health benefits. #Wonderchef Tadka Pan combines design and function to create this kitchen essential. Experience even and faster cooking in this perfectly shaped pan, made of hard-anodized aluminum. The #pan is non-toxic and ideal for tempering daily dishes such as dal, dhoklas, rice, and kadhi. The ergonomic design and curved handles ensure your pan rests on the burner easily while heating.

Wonderchef Multi-Kadhai

Add a hint of red and let your passion for cooking shine. Bring home #Wonderchef Multi-kadhai, the best kitchen essential in a modern rustic design. Make healthy dishes and scrumptious snacks like idlis and dhoklas using this Multi-kadhai. The non-stick coating enables low-oil healthy #cooking whether you steam, stir-fry, prepare curry or deep fry. The special attachments make cooking convenient and this #cookware versatile. To buy visit https://www.wonderchef.com #kadhai #multikadhai #idliplate #stainlesssteel #nonstickpans #nonstick #chefinyou #kitchenessentials #easycooking #cookware #homecookedmeals #food #kitchenware #healthycooking #instafood #cookwithpride #kitchenstories #beautifulkitchen #servewithlove #wonderchef #wonderchefindia #foodporn #instadaily #yummy

Wonderchef Roland Microwave 25L

Want to speed up your prep time and cut down on cooking time? Make life easier with Wonderchef’s express cooking technology - #Wonderchef Roland Microwave! This multi-tasker can #grill, #roast, re-heat, thaw and even #bake. Food can go from ice-cold to blazing hot in just a matter of seconds. Whether you love to cook, need to prepare a meal quickly or re-heat leftovers or coffee, you can rely on this kitchen essential. It has multi-stage #cooking with grill and convection modes; and a power level button that enables slow cooking. Make delicious oil-free recipes, lasagna, pizzas, cakes, grilled veggies and even roasted chicken. Cook with Pride. Serve with Love.